Hey guys! Happy Sunday!! Here’s a super quick post of me and my absolute favorite t shirt! ūüôā¬†imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

Color blocked; Black and White

Hey there!!! happy Monday!! I hope you guys had a fabulous valentines day doing whatever you did! I went out for brunch with my little sisters and went shopping, then came home to a BBQ FEAST from my parents and saw my boyfriend later in the evening. ¬†10’s all around for me.

With sweater weather quickly coming to and end (at least for us here on the west coast) my¬†chunky¬†knit sweater days are doomed to end in the next few weeks. That being said, I wanted to come to you with a quick post on one of my favorite ¬†sweaters this year. This big black and white sweater has be my chilly night, rainy day and occasional pajama top for awhile now, definitely a go to for me. I love anything black and white, but this sweater takes a non traditionally route, instead of stripes or an even distribution of color there is a direct division of separation between the two colors. Color blocking is always fun so that’s probably why this is one of my favorites. Whats best about this whole get up though is that sweater was on clearance at beloved forever 21 for 5 bucks…(steals like that give me life) and whats even better, this black and white stripped bag was 7 dollars at an outdoor boutique I passed in downtown phoenix. It sucks I have no links were you can purchase these items directly but I hope you found some inspiration! No reason to break the bank to style and profile honey, you gotta work with what you got!

Also, the red lippie is from Rimmel and costs me a whopping 4 bucks, its in the shade kiss of life!

with love,



Oversized sweaters and a bit of leather

imageHi guys!!! I’m so sorry for the leave of absence! I work in hotels and the super bowl was just here in Arizona so I have been beyooond swamped it was probably one of the most insane work months of my life! but they’re gone now, (thank god) ¬†so I’m free to breathe AND blog! So I’m back ūüôā

Now me personally, I’m not really a huge fan of the whole atypical ¬†“sweaters and leggings” ¬†look, its just too basic and quite frankly NO ONE’S butt looks good enough to substitute leggings for pants! Am I right or am I right?! But I recently hit up the clearance rack at H&M and you have no idea how happy I was walking out! I picked up this sweater for a grand slam of 10 bucks and these leggings were only 12!!! Now me being on the shorter side, (4’11 and a half) it can be tough to find a longer sweater that doesn’t make me look like dopey from the 7 dwarfs, but this one happened to be just long enough. Now because it was way to long to wear pants with and its way to cold to wear with nothing underneath ¬†and I refuse to wear cotton leggings I was through the roof when I found these leather leggings for so cheap. This was certainly one of my H&M wins! I just really love the slouchy casual look the top gives paired with the edgy spin leather gives to anything. It was all together very simple and minimal, but it worked. Im tellin you guys, its all about textures ūüôā ¬†I hope you guys enjoy, talk to you soon!

With love,

Victoria imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

St. Francis (An Urban Neighborhood Restaurant)

Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a great weekend so far. Today I’m coming to you with a really quick post of a few pictures at this GREAT restaurant in phoenix called St. Francis. ¬†My little sister saw it on Guy Fieri’s diner’s, drive-in’s, and dive’s (my favorite show) and it looked really good so we decided to head over for lunch and check it out! I was more than impressed! First of all, any place with murals and writings on the walls ¬†automatically has to be good right?! ¬†From the second we pulled up I was revving myself up for a good meal.

Walking in, the first thing you notice is how open it is, large window panels scattered throughout the restaurant showing off the patio (which i totally regret not sitting at, it was so pretty) there was also a large window opening the bar out to the street which brought even more natural light into the place which I loved! My sister and I both were simple and got the lunch special, the Italian sub. But simple never hurt nobody because that sandwich was so good! I bit it and it bit right back! It totally wasn’t expecting so much flavor in such a simple dish! They took a classic and made it fantastic! The only thing I wasn’t sure about were the fries, I’m almost positive they were baked and I didn’t know how I felt about them! Probably just because that wasn’t what I was expecting but I guess more things should be baked anyways so who am I to complain!

This restaurant did such a good job of giving guests a nice open setting and relaxed environment, and the food was just too good for a GREAT price.

Anyone here in phoenix?! CHECK THEM OUT.¬†imagethe stages of biting into a really good sandwich…



La Grande Orange Grocery & Pizzeria

Hi guys!!! Happy new year!!! I hope everything is so far so good! The other day I tried a new restaurant that was so low key¬†you could literally drive right past it! I regret never going sooner, Its called La Grande Orange and I am honestly recommending it to EVERYONE who either lives in the phoenix metropolitan area or is just passing through Arizona at all! Can you tell me whats better that pizza and lattes? I’ll wait…

I’m not being biased to the fact that I love pizza, and I’m sure most of you already know how I feel about coffee. But it was the actual quality of the food! It was probably the freshest restaurant pizza I’ve ever had and the latte was smooth and rich I regret not getting a bigger size!


imageThe classic margherita pizza (plus pepperoni and jalapenos)

imagebaked chicken wings

¬†imageimageimageimageimagethe “havana latte”¬†& ¬†red velvet cupcake


What was interesting about this spot is that it is part pizzeria, part ice cream parlor, and part…. knick knack store? I really don’t know what to call it but they have everything from pillows to books and coffee cups. Oh and they have enough of a wine selection to throw a party for an entire city! It was such a unique and strange set up but it really worked! There’s no way you could leave this place unsatisfied, there was seriously something for everyone! The only thing I regret is never getting a chance to try the ice cream parlor (I was too full to carry on). But that’ll be for another day because I will definitely be back! I hope you enjoyed!! ūüôā

with love,


Casual Layers

Good morning everyone, happy saturday!!! I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend and your Christmas’ were full of love. I’m already starting my countdown for next year, is that too much? haha

Don’t get me wrong I cant wait for the new year, but I’m always so incredibly depressed when Christmas is over, nothing makes me sadder!¬†One thing that the ending of Christmas brings to me is a reality check and a quick reminder that my days of not only my beloved peppermint mocha lattes, but my ¬†dark lipstick, knit scarves and layering are numbered! ¬†So here I am with a post showing you just that! Hope you all have a great rest of your weekend!

with love,

Victoria image


imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageTop// Old Navy

Knit Scarf// Gap

Jeans// Calvin Klein

Booties// Nordstrom (Last Chance)

Black to Black

Hey guys!!! Sorry I haven’t posted in a few weeks, I was on vacation in California and then came back with the death flu (I didn’t¬†think i was gonna make it)¬†. I’m feeling better now though so here I am with a new post! ūüôā

One thing you should know about me is I love wearing all black. About 90% of my winter wardrobe is strictly black and grey. Not for any particular reason, but I just find you really can’t go wrong with black. It looks great on literally everyone, its slimming, and its universally recognized as the most chic color in the fashion rainbow.

There are times I find when wearing the same shade you can have a tendency to look flat or boring and dull, that’s where mixing textures comes in. In this outfit I paired a fitted leather jacket with a sheer loose top, some black jeans and suede booties. The different textures and variation between fitted and loose articles really added some dimension to the look when put all together. Here are a some pictures of the look, I hope you all enjoy!!






Leather Jacket// Forever 21

T shirt// Zara

Jeans// Calvin Klein

Booties// H&M (Out of stock)// Similar

Rings// ASOS